The Truth About Aguilar (Valentin)

The truth about Aguilar#8022(AKA Valentin#1080) — Owner of Project X also known as Equalizer.

I’m Jackson, British army veteran, a lot of you guys know me as Salvation and I used to be the lead developer of the Equalizer bot before getting banned.

I was doing everything for free, making new awesome features which almost no bots had and fixing bugs, working on the website and managing the support server almost full time, for free, he just gave me a 1-month discord nitro so I boost the server.

Then I felt like I’m losing motivation because I was doing everything and he treated me like he is paying me a ton, always the blame was on me, always, he even doesn’t know what a kernel failure is and again he blamed me once the server had an issue.

Since I didn’t make much money (army people don’t make a lot of money, it’s not just me) and I was spending a lot of time on the stuff, I told him to pay me so I work on the bot.

He said ok, $50 / month and I said it’s not enough, $140 will be good, he said ok then, I will pay you $200 so you pay for the host, Cloudflare, and the migadu as well and we agreed.

Then he said he will pay for the server himself so he will send me $160 (the server’s rent is $32) and again I agreed, again he said we don’t need migadu so we won’t pay for it, I said ok and told him to send me $140 and again I was going to pay Cloudflare which is $30 / month, yet he didn’t give me anything.
It was like $3.5 / day, yet only one of the people he scammed was $353 / month. (Scam? Hold your horses, you will find out)

He said all fine and I will pay in Nov 1st, I told him ok, I need the money so I will count on you and he said no worries.

I’ve waited till Nov 1st but suddenly he went offline for a long time and messaged one of his friends on Instagram to tell me the following stuff:

His message to me

Then I said in our old staff chat (you will find out why he removed the old one shortly) I might resign, then the next morning he suddenly showed up while as you can see in the screenshot above, he said that he can’t log in but he did since he was lying, he started to flaming me and telling me this is not working, that is not working, etc.

I told him before that I won’t fix anything before I get paid, the stuff was broken since our server had a kernel failure and we had to re-install the OS so everything was fresh, it was announced in our announcement channel.

Then I said fine, I will take my leave and I left, once I left the server he went on rouge mode and called me scammer, fraud and other names, he even made real-life threats in the old staff channel which I got the link of the message gladly and reported him to Discord, he was so scared that he removed the channel completely and made a new one, you can see his threats and screenshot of him removing the channel and creating a new one here:

His threats
Screenshot of audit log showing he removed the old channel (it has space in it since we used carl bot to space channel names) and made a new one

So as I was saying he called me fraud and scam and other names, suddenly I noticed he left the biggest Indian server, he had a super high rank there which was really shocking to me, after that some Indian users messaged me and asked me why did I leave and when I told them what happened they told me Aguilar scammed a lot of people, he told them that he is a bot developer and he makes stuff and he told them a super high price and since he had a rank in a famous YouTuber’s server they believed him and gave him the money.
He also told them he holds one of the biggest Indian gamers, also known as famous YouTuber, in his pocket and he can make him advertise their channel so they grow fast.

He also made an account under famous YouTuber’s name and asked for money and they gave it to him and once he was done he got the money and ran away (you will see screenshots down below).

Once this stuff happened, users messaged the old owner of the bot and provided her with proof of the stuff he did and she wisely changed VPS’s credentials since not only they told her that stuff but also she saw me leaving the server, people messaged her since they thought she is still the owner.

Then he went all mad, he said fuck me and stuff, at this point I didn’t know about the scams he did but I knew Skepta (old owner) has changed the password, so I told Aguilar to pay me $100 for everything I did for the bot, website and the server so I talk to SK and get owner account from her, if you were in the server you know it was ME who was doing almost everything so I think I deserve $100, I asked for it since I knew after I give him access he’ll ban me.
But oh boy, guess what, someone messaged me and told me about everything, yes, I was super shocked, to a point I didn’t know what to do but thanks to other fellows Indians, I decided to show everyone his real face.

It doesn’t end here, he lied about a lot of stuff, you can see some of them below: (huge thanks to my lads at Velocity Gaming)

Old staff channel

And last but not least, this is the shady stuff he did, this is only one of the people he scammed:

Yet, me asking for $3.5 / day for working on everything is too much and makes me money-hungry, but wait, it’s way more than that

Yes, folks, I’ve asked for just $100 / month, which is $3.5 / day and yet he called me money-hungry, scam, etc.

My contacts are trying to find the receipts of money transfer and I will share them in the server below, don’t worry, we’re not like him, we will cover his name and his sister’s name, Also, I don’t care about my name, I’m Markus Jackson, do whatever you want like I’m scared, no brother, I’m not a kid you can scare away.

He said he is so rich, he said he has more than 150 cars, he said he can buy discord if he wants to, I mean I know all of them is a lie but the stuff you’ve seen above is just from only 1 of the people he scammed, yes, with the money he stole from others he can do a lot of things.

Now, if you want to know more about him, join the following servers and ask anyone, literally anyone about him and they will explain everything to you:
Every single Indian knows about him, so basically ask anyone :D

I didn’t want to show everyone his true nature, but he lied to everyone and called me stuff like fraud and scammer, so he had to face the consequences.

The sun will not stay behind the clouds forever, rise and make them remember you.


Discord Bot Developer